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I can't believe you guys didn't find this...

I thought I should post this since it seems no one else said anything about it. There have been plenty of things said allready about SF IV and KoF XII, but another fighter will have a new installment coming soon.

Sega has shown off a trailer their latest fighter, Virtua Fighter 5 R.

So far from what is shown, Sega is adding some new stages with this installment as well as the standard 2 characters Sega adds with each installment. Surprising to this is one is not the new character that uses karate, but what looks like a return of the previously exiled character Taka Arashi! Taka still looks the same and only gets a brief showing in the trailer. Most of the trailer is devoted to this guy while he battles and proceeds to own Jacky

Now I could keep showing you guys pictures but the video says more so here it is

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