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Yes. Since the beginning they've plagued Xbox Live and they've never went away. I'm talking about them bitch ass quitters. A species created and utilized by the Xbox Live community to a tee.

By definition a quitter is.... a person who gives up to easily. In my dictionary, a quitter is nothing more than someone who can't stand the heat so they gets the fuck out the kitchen! I mean c'mon peoples, if your really that bad at video games then stay off online play and practice by yourself until you're good enough to play against people.

I've seen quitters in every array of game type. Sports games, rhythm games, first person shooters etc. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people quit a game. Halo 3 is notorious for quitters, whereas Call of Duty 4 does well with this problem and randomly inserts a new gamer onto the team that has just went shorthanded. Some people might not play against as many quitters as I have but ever since I started playing Harmonix's Rock Band online it just reminded me how much of how I despise these low-lives!

Speaking of Rock Band, let me rant on it's online play. I usually play Guitar Score Duel or Tug Of War's. My girlfriend does the same but usually sings or plays drums. I've rarely seen anyone quit doing the singing or drumming. Which is a plus. But it's a whole 'nother story when it comes to playing with the gee-tar.

5% of the time you'll get the odd gamer who automatically drops out of a game because of a faulty connection. The other 95% of the time gamers quit is because they're losing too badly or they want to keep an achievement alive (ie. Tug Of War Streak/Score Duel Streak). It especially sucks when your more than half way through a song and they just up and quit on you and your not even awarded the win! It's B.S. These type of gamers I tend to always avoid and feed the "Quit Early" to their reputation. If they're lucky enough they'll even receive a nifty message from me saying... "ur a quitter, lulz!" or "that was cheap, ya pussy quitter". Most of the time I never get a reply back but sometimes these guys have the audicity of replying back to me with the ever so clever "fag" or an lousy excuse saying they didn't know they quit. Whatever... I suppose this whole blog post could've been avoided if Harmonix took after GH3 and gave the win to people after mofo's quit. I sure hope a patch comes out soon so no more people bitch about these quitters.

I guess the moral of this post is to not be a quitter. Be a gamer.

Number of times I said "quitter" in this blog = 10

Number of times a quitter has quit on me since writing this blog = 5
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