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Moments of Disappointment in Gaming: Street Fighter 2 Turbo


I remember when I got my SNES in the early 90s my parents bought me Street Fighter 2 Turbo along with it (what was even cooler was that I didn't tell them to). As I played as the months went by I got bored of the simplicity of the 4 star rating. So what did I do? Bumped the difficulty up to 8 of course, which then lead to Ryu and friends making me wear my ass as a hat.

So discouraged, I went out and went to my local video game store (I think it was Funcoland) to look for another game to play when I saw the book that would lead me to become the Street Fighter player that I am today:

Well crap I can't find it but it was a detailed guide that taught you all the great combos: the jump in fierce, crouching fierce fireball combo, the crossover into light kick hurricane kick combo, and other great strategies.

So after practicing these I noticed I was getting great results and was soon winning matches on 8 star. Then I noticed in the back of the book it told you of the different endings you could get. The game credits were a lot better if you beat the game on 8 star and you got a cool little art picture at the end of the game if you won without taking any continues. Then there was the ultimate prize I was gunning for: not losing a single round on 8 star mode.

This to me seemed almost impossible. First you had to survive all the cheapness of the rest of the characters on 8 star mode, then manage to defeat Sagat and Bison as well and do all of this without getting KO'd once. Granted each of the characters had their own little AI weakness but they were so cheap at times and could do so much damage that one slip up could lead to your doom.

So after months of thrown controllers, flips outs, and temper tantrums, I finally managed to beat everyone without losing a single round. And what was I greeted with? A screen that just tells me "You have mastered Ken" and a picture of Ken holding his arm up like he does in his victory pose.

WTF kind of reward is this? I get special credits for beating the game on 8 star, a awesome art rendition of all the characters for winning without using a credit and a fucking message that says I have mastered a character for not losing a single round? All that damn frustration and work rewarded with some stupid message?

And that my friends is one of my greatest video game disappointments ever. Anyone else share this disappointment or got any other disappointments to share?
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