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Media Monday - 2/18/2008

�Media Monday� is intended to be a creatively community activity where participants use ANY media of their preference. It can be traditional media, digital (photoshop, painter, MS-Paint, etc), a photograph, 3D modeling program, finger paints, macaroni, etc that uses the theme of the day. I realize it is a bit early but I need to try and figure out how to present everything and Valentine�s Day presents a great opportunity.

A hard limit of 30 minutes is set as soon as your pencil/pen/face touches the paper/tablet/newsprint (even if it isn�t finished). Afterwards, post your piece in the forums (or comment on the blogs if you do prefer that method).

Today�s theme comes from the well loved Mxyzptlk.
�Everyone knows Mr. Destructoid, but what does Mrs. Destructoid look like?�
Do you imagine it as Mr. Destructoid�s mom? Future love interest? Rival?

This isn�t a contest it�s more of a friendly collaboration for members of the community to take part it. Don�t worry if you don�t think it looks pretty. I personally think stick figures are awesome.

Post your work on the Forums: Here!

My entry is the thought of a colleague to Mr. Destructoid (such as Spider-Woman is to Spider-Man).
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