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TF2 Server Contest - Win Free Stuff



1) You MUST reply to this post with both your Steam Community ID (For Identification on Gametracker), and your Steam Account Log-in (So you can get your prize).

2) Sign-ups for the contest will end at 5pm cst March 9th, one week before the contest ends. I will reference this post in the usual copy pasta in the TF Tuesdays and Friday Night Fights posts.

3) Value of the game selected may not exceed $55 (US), if the winner wishes to they may selected several lesser priced games provided they do not add up to exceed the aforementioned amount.

4) Kor and I are not eligible as we are the sponsors :)

Anyone participating is encouraged to POST YOUR STEAM ID in the reserved slots list, this will prevent you from being locked out of the server when its full.

Players are also encouraged to enter the server when its empty, you can still accumulate points and time even with little or no people in the server. The map can easily be changed by using the 'nominate' command to pick a map, then rtv (rock the vote) commands in chat to change to that map.

You can view your stats here at any time.

Good luck to everyone.
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