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Sausage Fest '08


For those of you who aren't fortunate enough to live in the LA area (and those who were too lame to come if you do), Dexter345 had Chad and I over for a video game extravaganza.

Unfortunately I didn't take anywhere near as many pictures as I should have, but I got some good stuff anyway.

This was my first time hanging out with Dtoiders in person, and it was totally awesome.

We started off by eating a bunch of really awesome brownies that Dex made, and then we started playing Scene It, where we were all trounced handily by Mr. Concelmo. We then moved to Smarty Pants, which is one of the best party games ever. Why? Because there's a jerking off mini-game.

If you try to steal a question from another player, you have to play "tug-of-war", which is Wii code for "place the Wiimote at crotch level and furiously jerk off as fast as you can until you win".

We moved onto WarioWare, where we learned that instead of answering his phone with a "Hello", Chad prefers to say "I'm going to rape your daughter."

Also, Dexter is a fantastic elephant, and is also really good at hula hooping. Chad, on the other hand, hula hoops just by thrusting his crotch back and forth.

We also discovered one of the most underrated games EVER, Kororinpa. We played through the entire game last night, and aside from being a totally awesome marble game, it also has the best video game character ever: THE PIG BALL.

(Sorry about the shit in the middle. It wasn't accepting it as an avi and I don't have a converter.)


We then wrapped up with about 3 hours of Smash Brothers and then finally everyone went home at 4:00AM. It was ammmaaazzzinngg. If you live down here, you have no excuse not to come to any more Dtoid meetups. Expect an epic gathering upon the release of Brawl.

Also, NVGR sidenote, it turns out Chad is a fan of one of the best shows ever. This picture is for him.

Yay Dtoid!
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