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Jack Thompson is a Cunt, Also Comments In Video Game Blogs.


Jacky boy, you really need to get laid.

We all know about his quick to blame video game agenda at NIU, because honestly, that's all he can ever do, but now the man has become even more hilarious.

On a recent post that Kotaku made concerning Jacky's stupidity-fueled appearance on Fox News, at 6 am this morning Jack actually RESPONDED to the 100-plus commenters, calling Brian Crecente a moron, and linking to a post by the New York Post (and such a great source for information the New York Post is) which states that the killer, Steven Kazmierczak, trained on Counterstrike for this event four years ago in college.

You know what's interesting though, Jacky boy? If you google search for any other news sites claiming the same information, you turn up thousands of pages, yet only ONE blames video games.

And which one is that? The New York Post.

If this was true, don't you think that other news sites and companies would have picked up on it and done there own spin of it? Hell, we ALL know Fox News has an agenda for showing fabrication, especially when it comes to video games, but not even they have picked up on it, short of allowing your pudgy, insane, would-scare-children face to blah blah blah for five minutes.

You know what they do state, however? That Steven Kazmierczak did suffer from mental problems, and had been taking medication. They also state that he stopped taking those medications prior to the shooting. So why don't we burn down hospitals and murder psychologists for putting him on the medication in the first place. I'm sure Tom Cruise would just LOVE to help you out on that last bit.

You are a scumsucking asshole, Mr. Thompson. Do us all a favor and leave our favorite hobby alone. There is no credible proof that ANY information from you, or the New York Post (which their post sounds almost verbatim like the information you said on Fox News. Hm, did you tip them off there, Jacky boy?), and all you're doing is making yourself look more and more like a jackass every single day.

I pray to god you read this. I really do. It would make my day to see the great and honorable Thompson boohoo and try to sue me for a remark I make on the internets, of all fucking places.

[Via Kotaku, he is commenter #130]
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