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Great LAN games of the past

It�s unfortunate that with the advent of *sigh* online gaming that not a lot of these go on anymore. LAN parties were the ultimate way to play games with friends. Nothing beat bringing over your gaming PC and comparing your specs with your friends while making fun of the kid with the 10 inch CRT monitor because he dropped all his money on the rest of his hardware. Instead sitting on a server, talking over a mic while you play a game online you had the enjoyment of being right there to see the look on your friends face when you shotgunned him in the back right when he thought he was going to return the flag.

But those days seem to be over with, people are too lazy to get together when they could just simply play online or if you�re like me you have friends who are just addicted to WoW so there is no reason to set up a LAN party.

Since I have rejuvenated my LAN memories, why don�t I share some of my favorite LAN games to play with friends:

Doom 2

Who know a great multiplayer mode can be spawned from such a sub-par tactical game?

Granted, Fallout Tactics was a pretty bad sequel to Fallout 2 and a below average game, but being able to create your own custom team and take them online against your friends is well worth the fun. The way it would work is that the host would set up a point limit for squads, you then create a team, level them up and throw gear on them and depending how high of level and what gear they have that character is worth certain amount of points. So if you wanted to make a level 8 but give him brotherhood armor and a gauss gun or a level 20 with leather armor and a 9mm pistol is up to you.

Then when you�re ready to go you set out in Fallout type maps and just fight to survive via turn based (the only way to play IMO) or real time. Battles can get fun and tense: being sure to take out some ones eyes or knocking out that mutant with chain gun before he turns your team into red ribbons and being sure to find cover are some of the many issues you have to plan for. Add in there 4 teams of 5 and things can get really messy.

So those were the LAN games that stood out for me over the years. There were some more recent FPS games to add in there but most of the recent games I just play online now. What are some of your more entertaining LAN games if you have any?
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