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AOU08: Gameplay videos of DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu & Trouble Witches. Hooray For Shmups!


Greetings Shmup fans!!! Some exciting news out of the AOU show. Gameplay footage of the new DoDonPachi game as well as Trouble Witch.

DDP is made by the most holy Cave. Gameplay looks to be more of the vertical bullet hell that we have come to know and love. Most recent Cave games have gotten PS2 releases so I see no reason not to expect that this will as well. At about 1:40 the video switches to "Pirates of the Gupperi". Essentially girls in bikinis dancing around. I guess I'll consider it a bonus.

I don't know much about Trouble Witches. It is a horizontal arcade shooter. The art style looks pretty cute. If anyone else has more information please share.

My man Cronos has more coverage of the AOU show. OMG KoFXII! Thank god I'm not wearing pants or they would be ruined!
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