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After a few days of just trekking the luscious landscapes within DMC4. I re-examined just how close it follows the past games. Honestly it feels more well rounded, although still attached to its old designs. Yet being able to take on open area terrain in boss fights, does make it more even. Most of all, I enjoy each stage to the next. Moreso with the forest, to the latter events in the game.

Recently I took a dive and tried out Devil Hunter mode, and I find it even more balanced. Maybe its the functionality of the controls, or just altogether; it feels solid. At times some enemies might get a bit hasty & break an excellent chain combo. But once you grab a hold of Echidna, it is so rewarding to see an S rank.

A bit curious what these "Gates" might be pertaining towards. But that's what makes replaying a game like this even more rewarding.

Full review coming soon. Gonna see what other secrets this may contain; before I nestle down an article along with a friend.
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