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New Spore Screenshots + Gameplay Impressions

(Pictures and info taken from Bit-Tech. Read the full article there.)

So, more info about Spore has been released along with a number of screenshots, and I have to say the game looks absolutely fantastic.

This is a shot from the beginning of the game, the Cell stage. Based on that picture, it looks like it's going to play very similar to fl0w (which is an awesome game by itself). Once you build up your cell enough, it becomes a creature and you move on to the other four stages of the game.

Another aspect discussed in the article, which I think has been mentioned before but not really in detail, is the Sporecast. Apparently every time you make a new creature, they start on a new planet, which is physically always the same. However, the way the planet grows and the creatures and plants that populate it are downloaded from the network, so that your planet is filled with other player's creations. It's being described as a whole social network unto itself, and it's something that sounds pretty badass.

It also looks like the creatures are going to be incredibly customizable, as the above screenshot shows. We've all been told this before, but it seems almost guaranteed that no two creatures in Spore will ever be alike.

After reading this article and checking all the pictures, I'm even more excited for this game than I already was. Assuming that this game is done right (and it sounds like so far it has been, according to people who've played it), Spore is going to revolutionize gaming. I, for one, can't wait to get my hands on this game.

In the interest of saving space, time, and because I have work to do, I didn't include even close to everything the article talks about (Plus I was trying to avoid a straight copy/pasta or summary). To read more about the hands-on impressions and to see screenshots I didn't link here, check the link to the source article at the top.
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