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The Best Craigslist Ad EVAH (NVGR/SFW)

I normally don't post NVGR blogs, but this is just too good not to share.

I present to you, unedited, the BEST CRAIGSLIST AD OF ALL TIME.

flapjack titties - m4w - 37

whats a flapjack boob look like? please send pics thanks.

This is the actual link (This link is SFW, the rest of Casual Encounters is DEFINITELY NOT.)

For those who aren't familiar with Craigslist Casual Encounters, it's one of the most hilarious places on the internet. My friend and I enjoy trying to find the weirdest/most bizarre ads, and so far this has been the best one we've found.

A word of warning though; it's non-stop hilarity, but if you decide to peruse be warned that penises could show up at any time. That's the risk you take when you play the Casual Encounter game. You never know if what you're clicking on is a cock pic, or something similar to the picture of the fine gentleman above. It's only for the brave, but it's worth playing. (Protip: The ones on foreign Craigslists are often the best, like Tokyo.)

Also, this particular link is SFW; most of the rest of Casual Encounters is not. Perhaps we need a forum thread for Best Casual Encounter?
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