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Sam & Max Original Photo-Chop, Circa 1994

Back before the term 'photoshop' was utilized as a verb within the vast vernacular of the Internet, Papa Chow had the incentive to digitally graft the loving faces of his family onto the cover of Sam and Max Hit the Road as a testament to the Chow's collective adoration for Adventure Games.

That year was 1994 and I was only 9 years old (.harr was 7 and .steph was only a wee 4 years old!), but now I share with you this emblem of my deeply rooted gamer history. As you can see, .harr and .steph act as the main characters of the timeless game, a Papa Chow runs like a jackalope at the front, but where is the .tiff?

With the kind of expression and adolescent awkwardness I harbored as a 9 year old, it seems only appropriate that my head should be placed atop Mount Rushmore. Right?

Note: Both my Mum and Pop's faces are pixelated as they requested that they not have their faces on the Internet. Even though thats what photochops are for, you gotta respect your parents. Ya dig?
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