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Good Idea, Bad Idea: Movie related games


I know I'm crappy but I have information!

In the Matrix series, did you know that the Merovingian had early Matrix programs working for him that were vampires and werewolves? More importantly did you know that vampires and werewolves were early Matrix programs? If you're not a hardcore fan of the Matrix mythology then you probably didn't, unless you played Enter The Matrix, a game released on the same day as The Matrix Reloaded This brings me swiftly to my Good Idea: Games related to a TV show or Movie should expand the experience, not rehash it.

The information you learn through the Enter the Matrix game did not explain the overly convoluted plot of The Matrix but merely added a story line that tied directly to the movie. In the game, you are presented a scene directly from the movie, but when Neo goes up the stairs to do is "superman" thing, you follow other Matrix dropouts, Niobe and Ghost, through their path that wasn't shown in the movie. The game follows the same timeline of the movie yet from a different perspective, rewarding those who couldn't get enough of the mythology more to think about.

Can we see someone besides these two in a video game please?

Games in this genre should not be a substitute for the movie experience but should expand that experience. Playing a game with the exact same plot as the subject it's based upon is not fun nor worthy a purchase. With that being said, these games also should not give information that is pertinent to the movie itself. Imagine the response to a game like Cloverfield if took a different perspective of the one shown in the movie. The possibilities are endless if put into the right hands. The developers could give you a different insight of the event without giving you information that was highly relevant to the movie.

When will I know suck at this?

With the good, also comes the bad. We all know that most movie games are horrible; there's no getting around that fact. Even though I loved what Enter the Matrix brought to the table, it was in no way a good game. You can tell that it was rushed to make the release date of the movie and this crunch hurt the game severely. If developers are not given the time necessary to make a polished game, then releasing games on the release date of movies is a bad idea. A perfect example of this is Superman Returns: The Video Games. Originally planned for the release of the sub-par movie, due to development issues the movie was pushed back until the release of the DVD. Unfortunately this could not help this game at all because it still turned out horrendous. I was really excited for this game mostly because my roommate worked on it as an intern at the Tiburon studios. After a week of working there, he told me that the game looked like crap and is being pushed out so they can just rid themselves of it. Aside from the fact that I don't think we will ever see a decent Superman game, the added pressure of releasing a game on a certain date does not help the adaptation of a movie/tv show into video game form.

Hey it's Hurley!

In my humble opinion, movie/tv show adaptations for video games could be something awesome if taken the time to do it right. Lost: Via Domus, a game based on the popular ABC show Lost, is coming out this month and I'm hoping that it takes what I think is a good idea and runs with it. While my hopes are not high, hearing the executive producers of the show, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, talk how much involvement they had with the game does give me hope that it will be decent at best. The game will focus on a never before seen survivor and span across the first two seasons of the show. As long as they don't have random exploding barrels on the island then I'll be good.

So what are your thoughts on movie/tv show games? Have you played one that you were really excited about? And Super Mario Bros. do not count.
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