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I get to play Brawl!!

Why, yes it's true!

I have a buddy who has a haxx0rd Wii, and he burns all of his games off the internet, so he spent all of Saturday working on getting a functioning copy of Brawl.

Needless to say, since Brawl is on a dual-layer DVD, and he only had a single layer disk, only the multiplayer was playable, and no SSE.

But not anymore! He fixed it! So I'm going to go over to his place in San Fransisco to get some Brawl outta my system.

Now, here's where Dtoid comes into play. On February 23, I'm going to hopefully be going to Dyson's house for a Dtoid meet up. I'll be bringing Rock Band,


if I can get this dude to let me borrow his Wii for one evening (I might have to slip him a twenty) we a Dtoid will get to play some Brawl. I hope I can get this to happen, and even if it does, well, there you go. At least we got Rock Band.

I'm pretty freaking stoked. Fingers crossed I can get this to happen.
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