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Meh RTS, Left Behind, sorta free... Just so ya know.


So, Left Behind, anyone remember that shit? Religious RTS, y'know, where if you can't convert them you shoot their asses dead? Noone? Well it never was well received.
At least as far as I can remember that's the gist of it>
"But angusm! We want slightly more detail!"
Fuck you people are needy! Well if my memory serves me correctly, God's taken all the virtuous motherfuckers up to heaven, and left the rest to repent, convert, build, gather and kill down on earth. Apparently. This is the basis, and so you're job is to command those who are 'Left Behind' to convert, build, gather and kick ass.

Anyways I'm probably not being all that coherent, and I may be fuzzy because I only ever played the demo, awhile ago, when it first came out.
Now why am I talking about this game? Well supposedly they're giving it away free! Which y'know is exactly the price point at which I'm willing to get it. So I'm off to download it and y'know not so much.

There's a nominal fee of about $5 per download and $6 per delivery. Which is almost nothing, however, it's still something. Y'know, I'd rather have that pink Strawberries and Creme starbucks drink.
But to each his own, if you dig it, get it.
Story ripped from joystiq, yeah, I go there every now and again.

Source Joystiq Sourced
Get that shit here
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