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Good Idea, Bad Idea: Grenades

Now many of you just by clicking on this c-blog maybe asking yourself, �Who the fuck is emotoaster?� I have only one things to say.
1.I'm not Robert Summa.

A lot of gamers seem to take these things for granted, but can you blame them? They have been around since the land before time. I find though that in certain games they are just done horribly, but other times when done correctly make a game that much more intense and fun.

So lets start with the good.
One game that comes to mind, to me, is Halo. Not only do the grenades help flush out your opponents but they can also be a tool for fun aka humiliation. Theres nothing like seeing a sniper run away, like a girl only to see him get stuck by your plasma.

Bungie did a excellent job of tweaking the grenades overall power as well. I find its pretty hard to die with one nade but it can work and it is a great tool to at least take some of their shields down so you can finish them off and T-Bag them or flip that ghost thats been annoying the fuck out of you. It also isn't too easy to just run around and stick everyone. It's balanced.

And now the bad.
The first game that comes to mind is Call of Duty 4. (Yes I went there.) More and more frequently I find myself getting killed, then spawning only to have a random grenade go off on me. I know this is a random grenade throw because I saw them through it with the kill cam. And before you start telling me to �STFU n00b!� and �Learn2Play!� go play a few rounds of either CoD4 or Rainbow Six:Las Vegas and not tell me that there isn't one time you found them cheap or irritating. That is my biggest problem, and it only seems to be with �realistic� FPS games, but it comes off as cheap. I stopped playing Rainbow Six on Live, because I couldn't walk through a door without a frag going off. And when that happens it just turns into a camping fest or just spamming GGGGGGGGGG. Now that doesn't happen 100% of the time but I feel that it happens a tad too much.

Weren't grenades brought into gaming to help eliminate excessive camping and to flush out your opponents? Not be a FREE ticket to boosting your E-Penis. Infinity Ward tried to balance the game with that grenade indicator but it just doesn't seem to be enough.

When used well though grenades can really help bring strategy and just more ways to blow up that n00b, but when done wrongly it seems like it is just a tool to get a free kill.

So what do you guys think am I retarded or what?

P.S. Blood for the Blood God and also cocks.

(emotoaster is not an associated editor or c-blogger. He is a figure of your imagination and telling him to go away or STFU will only feed his incurable rage and hunger.)
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