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Well, thatís quite a milestone...


Wow. That sure is a lot of comments, isnít it?

Because Iím a science guy, and I like to do some calculations to show cool stuff, Iím gonna go for it. I started reading Destructoid sometime in August of 2006, so if we start from the middle of that month ó as in, August 15, 2006 ó and count to today, thatís 540 days. In other words, if we assume that I began commenting here on that day, in a week, itíll be exactly a year and a half since I started reading the site. So...

2500 comments ų 540 days = 4.63 comments/day

While I donít have some sort of graph that shows my number of comments from month to month or anything, I know that the average mustíve shot up during last summer, when I was reading Dtoid any chance I got while at work, and I also started reading lots more of the c-blogs around that time as well (I mean, theyíve only been around since what, like, last June?) Hell, the average most likely peaked in the past two months or so, as evinced by the following snapshot:

Hey, my Destructoid score (whatever that means) went up by over 1.68 million! That screencap was taken on December 2, 2007; 66 days have passed since then, so bear with me while I do some math once again:

2500 comments Ė 1111 comments = 1389 comments
1389 comments ų 66 days = 21.05 comments/day

Holy crap! Do I really comment on over twenty front-page stories and c-blogs a day? God damn. I guess when you think about it, it doesnít seem like all that much ó each day, I probably comment on ten main-page stories alone, and it obviously doesnít take too many more c-blog comments to push that number up. Anyway, Iíd like to thank all of you guys and gals here: from Reverend Anthony to Ron Workman, and from bhive01 down to WiiSucks (well, I canít very well link to his blog, now can I?). I donít usually comment on something unless it catches my eye in some way, and generally, that means being thought-provoking as opposed to just attention-getting ó although thereís nothing wrong with the occasional LATENITELULZô, to be sure. Then again, a quarter of those 2500 comments probably consist of me correcting people, so I suppose making mistakes in English usage also has to qualify as something that I notice and comment on across the site. Either way...I salute you all, Dtoiders, and hereís to 2500 more comments, which should be made in...

2500 comments ų 21.05 comments/day ≈ 119 days
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