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Pokemon Center Rocks My Socks - Also, DMC4 Collector's Unboxing


Inside of the case, showing the two discs and the instruction booklet.

Pretty awesome stuff. I love the Dante picture. I wouldn't pay for the collector's edition again, as a lot of the stuff that was promised in it was a pretty big let down. The art is merely a really fast go through on the DVD. I haven't watched the Making Of yet but it at least seems intriguing. The anime comes in a card board sleeve (which I had upstairs, it's not pictured) and if you want to get the case for it you have to send $3.99 for shipping. So after paying $80 you get to pay another $4 for a case. The soundtrack is a measly 5 songs that you have to put into your computer to see. So it's pretty sad really. Good thing I like Dante enough and his sexy picture on the back tides me over from just not buying it at all.

Now to actually go play the game.. =P

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