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Novels that would make good Video Games: Volume 2

Well here I am again, with a second edition of "Novels that would make good games" although someone told me that Novels isn't a good word to choose. Be that as it may, I believe the word "Novel" sounds a lot better than "book" and I am a lazy person so we will leave it as is. So without further ado, here is my second list of Novels that would make good games.


Quite possibly one of my favorite Romance Novels, Ivanhoe would translate into a video game extremely well. For those who don't know the story, it's about Wilfred of Ivanhoe who returns from the Crusades in disguise to help right what is wrong, which is King Richard's realm being usurped by the villainous Prince John. After winning a tournament and revealing his presence, Ivanhoe is soon captured by Prince John and locked within a castle. Who has to come to his rescue? King Richard and Robin Hood and his band of thieves. There is more substance to the story of course but that alone could make for a interesting game.

Why would this make a good game? Well besides getting an opportunity to play as Robin Hood it would make an excellent hack and slash type game with the small skirmishes and castle raiding. Plus with the history and prejudices in the game (Saxon versus Normans and of course the unbridled hatred towards jews in the story) it would contain a lot of substance too.

The Divine Comedy

Niccolo Machiavelli's "Idiots Guide to being a Prince" is a very insightful and interesting read and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys books on history and politics. Simply put, it is a book Machiavelli wrote to a Prince of Italy about how he should run his principalities in order to be successful. Gives tips on how to structure your military (like how not to rely on auxillary units), maintaining your reputation (usually by assassinating those who show disrespect towards you) and by avoiding flatterers and choosing your council wisely.

Although "The Prince" would make a poor action or RPG game, it would be a successful Strategy game similar to something like Civilization but on a smaller scale. You as a Prince have to maintain your principality. Besides managing your army and your resources you also have to appease your people which you could do by means of executing rebellious sorts, bringing loyal people into your council and by other sociological means.

Would be difficult but I believe it could turn out to be a very good game.
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