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ATTENTION: Meanies on CoD 4

Well. It has become apparent that the assholes that we have all experienced on Xbox Live have already made their way to CoD 4. Why have they decided to tread the holy ground and desecrate it? My theory is that they realized Call of Duty 4 is far superior to Halo 3 and made their unholy pilgrimage.

Honestly, Im sick of people going on Xbox live and cussing out the littler kids who are playing the game. Although I am not one of the kids, I feel bad for them still. Just because their voices are higher that the other player's shouldnt entitle a verbal beatdown. If a kid is just trying to be tactical and communicate with the team, I dont think that is a bad thing. Although that is true, if they are being complete idiots, that DOES entitle a verbal beatdown.

Plus, there IS indeed a "mute" button. Idiots. You don't have to go through the trouble of cussing the kid out. And, if you too want to join the cause, do your part! Go ahead and leave bad reviews and such. Fight the idiots who are ruining kid's and maybe your's game experience.
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