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Toy Tuesday 5 - Guyver!


Hey guys! Tomopop is up which makes this the best week ever! Go and spend time there! and them come back.

Now on to the business of this blog. Sorry I missed last week but I just couldn't get the blog finished. Luckily my good friend ZargonX took it upon himself to do a "Toy Tuesday" today. So for this week we have twice the toys.

Being that this is a video game site I've been focusing on video game toys. Now and again though, once a month if all goes as planned, I'll do a blog of a non-video game toy. This week we have a gallery of one of my most favorite toys of all time; Guyver III by the super awesome Max Factory.

Some of you may only know Guyver from the horrible live action movies or the mediocre OVAs from the early 90s. If this is the case check out the manga or the recent TV series. It isn't high drama but it is a cool action comic/show with great character designs for the Guyvers and the enemies they fight. The Guyver line from Max Factory is among my favorite action figure lines of all time. The figures have great sculpting and TONS of articulation. Be warned though if you get into this line the figures are a bit pricey.

One more note. You may have noticed I have no images with all of the vibro blades extended. This is because I lost one :'(. I don't have a problem buying another Guyver III at retail but sadly they go for around $100 on ebay now. Honestly I'd pay that much if I didn't own him but just for one blade I can't justify it.

On with the gallery!

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