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Everyone Likes a Cult-Classic

There were a few games that are now retro cult-classics that I was thankfully around for. I was a young gamer, just getting my Nintendo 64. I must report some of my personal favorite N64 games so that some may emulate and enjoy these cult classics.

Well, I WAS going to say 1080 Snowboarding....but that just came out on the VC. Meh bad.

Banjo Kazooie- a classic platformer. This was moderately popular, but I dont think it was on the front page of Game Informer......if it was, once again, meh bad.

Diddy Kong Racing- classic racing. A fun racing game, although targeted for a younger audience, it still presents a rather challenging atmosphere. One funny thing I noticed is that Conker was a charactar in this game....yeah, no joke.

Cruis'n Series- BEST arcade racing evar. So freaking fun- you HAVE to play this one. (this is my 2nd favorite n64 game, just try it) The level design is fun, and there are plenty of cars to choose from. Actually, a new port of it is coming out on the Wii....it looks absolutely terrible, but I have no choice but buy it, I'll review it when I get it.

AAND last but certainly not least, my personal favorite game of ALL TIME....

Rayman 2: I compare this game to mario in many ways. A great side scroller turned to a better 3-D platformer. The story is epic, quirky, and dark. The level design is fantastic, they are so well thought out and artistic its as if you are almost in a dream. After you play them, you find yourself asking: "Did I really play that? That was as surreal as hell...". The charactars are simple, but it makes you love them with the game's simplictic genius. Please, do yourself a favor and emulate this one. (or buy it for DS, the title is Rayman DS)

Well, there we are. Those are four of my favorite cult classics. Note that they are all for the n64. I personally think that the n64 has had the best games of any console. It mixed complete epic classics and under-the-radar hits that gave it the best library of games ever.
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