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Community Service (Art,Wiisucks and Warsow)

Three Things:
-Crude Drawing
-Ode to Wiisucks

Crude Drawing:

Ode to Wiisucks:
Click here to listen. (Right-click, save as, all that shit)
Just kidding Wiisucks I love ya.
Pardon the awful singing.

I will be attempting to host a game night deal, for anyone who wants to play Warsow and chat on Teamspeak this Sunday, time's still to be decided, I'll be hosting both Warsow and the Teamspeak server, if you have any ideas or suggestions lemme know.
Will do a seperate post on the game itself like my previous game features, as well as another post on the game night itself.
This is just a heads up.

Also, bonus content:
A really old Flash comic/novel-study project I'd forgotten about.
And Free Games:
Fancy Pants Adventures
Super Mario War
Trackmania Nations
Captain Binarny
Warning Forever
Mount And Blade
Combat Pillows
Little Fighter 2
Battleships Forever
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