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DK's Return Visit to San Andreas; All Current Games Are PW3ND

Cruising down the street in my Greenwood - the San Andreas version of a Dodge Diplomat - and listening to the latest hit from NWA, or at least that's what the DJ on Radio Los Santos tells me. MC Ren's rhymes bump through my speakers as me, Big Smoke, Ryder and Sweet are ready to roll up on some Ballas to let'em know that the Grove Street Families are back. Afterwards, we all go eat some Cluckin' Bell chicken.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is simply the greatest game I ever played. This is an easy statement for me to make, and I maxed out the timer on FF7. The sandbox genre that Rockstar brought into the forefront and made it the center of such adoration as well as criticism. Many a pretender followed, some of which being worth more than the turd that they were destined to be. But the pinnacle of LastGen's gaming was released with much fanfare and even better critical acclaim.

But enough with the big words, let's break down how muh'fuckin' badass this game be.

The three cities represented in San Andreas are fantastic sandboxes to build and knock down my castles. To either take a drive through the terrain, or take flight over it are very rewarding means of transportation to appreciate the scope and grandeur that is San Andreas.

I'll skip the 3 year too late review of the game and just point out other awesome things.

I picked up a copy of the Xbox version to play on my 360, since I no longer have a console produced by Sony to play my PS2 version. I'm at the Jizzy mission right now, if you remember Jizzy being the pimp voiced by the near-played out, but still hilarious Charlie Murphy. It took four days for me to reach this point, which probably took me a week during my first run as CJ.

Speaking of CJ, I declare him the single most underrated character in gaming from this point on. I bet if this game had Tommy Versetti or nameless/voiceless fuck from the first two, they'd still be dripping off of everyone's chin. His voice is perfect for every situation he's in. He comes off as someone with strong virtues and reason at points, then absolutely void of any humanity in others. His street sense never escaped him at all during the games, and he still bonded perfectly with the rest of the games' multicultural characters. I got him rockin' a black Kangol knockoff, black shades, black wife beater, black and white camo pants and some bootleg Chuck Taylor's.

Simply Fresh.

The excessive usage of the words "Fuck" and "N***a" in this game really surprised me at first. I knew what the subject matter was going to entail, yet I figured it would be watered down to a degree. I don't think either word was used in the previous versions of the game. But when that "Homecoming" trailer hit the net a week before it's release...holy shit!

Here it be

After seeing this, you KNEW you were in for some shit. The series was poised to take many steps from it's previous incarnations in game play, quality, depth, and controversy. The overall edge of the game was ready to make the other games close to, if not completely irrelevant. It hasn't for many, but it's hard to readjust to older gameplay after playing this - as The Architect in The Matrix said - harmony of mathematical precision.

I'm so happy I decided to run through this game just one more time before we usher in the NextGen version: GTA IV. I implore anyone who is a fan of this series to play their favorite volume of the game through just one more time to regain that love that may have been forgotten since the NextGen games have taken over.

Now if you excuse me, I got some hookers to pay, bang, cut, and retrieve my money from. :D
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