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SSBB: Taunts, Final Smashes, and Kirby Hats. (HEER B SPOILARZ)

Obsessed? Me? Nu-uh.

...Okay, maybe a little, but I still can't get enough of Brawl goodies and info. Anything I can find to stave off the insanity brought on by waiting for another month for the US release. @[email protected]

First, a video compiling all the taunts from all the characters:

(Weegee taunts FTW!)

Then a parade of Kirby Hats, or at least the ones new to Brawl:

Gotta love Snake Kirby. He's so adorable with the sideburns and the manly, rugged beard. :3

And last but not least, every character's Final Smash attack:

So, what do you guys think? Which taunt is your favorite? What the hell is Luigi's Final Smash supposed to be? Is this making the anticipation for Brawl even worse? Or are you just sick to death of seeing leaked information by now?
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