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Hip Hop in games finally done right - I hope...

It's no secret I love hip hop. I have contemplated blogging about my disdain for the way it has been handled in games thus far - crappy compilations of the flavours du jour slapped into games with an 'urban' theme. Now that unborn blog seems somewhat moot, as it was announced today that Chuck D and Just Blaze will be providing audio treats for the upcoming release NBA Ballers: The Chosen One.

Public Enemy was the first concert I ever attended waaaay back in 1990. Chuck D is a personal hero of mine, and is a bonafide sports (and comics!) enthusiast. Just Blaze has produced some extremely hot beats and has been a ray of light in the uber-material years of hip hop culture, and will be providing a new and dynamic soundtrack written specifically for the game.

Can I get a yes yes y'all?

...in honour of this monumental event I will include a sketch of Big Daddy Kane I drew a few weeks ago with my new tablet. BOOYA!
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