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C&C 'Big Announcement' Thoughts

In the latest ‘BattleCast PrimeTime’ from EA (linky) the host alludes to something quite dramatic coming this month for C&C fans.

If you buy Kane’s Wrath on the PC, or the Command and Conquer 3 Limited Collection (C&C3 and Kane’s Wrath) you “will have one more reason to cheer.” In two weeks time we will hear more this big announcement from EALA.

What is it gonna be? ‘Tiberium’ has already been revealed, and we have one C&C3 expansion nearly released.

As such, my bet is that we will have an announcement of a new C&C3 expansion pack….or Red Alert 3!

I guess those who get Kane’s Wrath or the Limited Collection will receive some art work from the game that is due to be announced. I assume it is a game as it is something that EALA have been keeping secret for months already…time will tell, but my money is on Red Alert 3.

Originally posted on my blog and similar posted on Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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