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Best and Worst of NES: Track and Field Genre

Most of us remember any sort of track and field game for the Nintendo. It was usually the same old thing of mashing buttons and tapping a direction in order to complete said event. So basically if you played one track and field game you've played them all. There were a couple of games though who managed to stand out, for better or worse, in the track and field genre for the NES.

The Good

Crash n The Boyz: Street Challenge

Its hard for me to mention this game at all without just throwing up on the keyboard as I type. Easily the worst track and field game ever and possibly the worst game ever, Caveman Games will leave you speechless in the worst way possible.

You play as Cavemen, trying to win some sort of Caveman Olympics. The events? Clubbing, where you stand on a stone beam and try to club the other caveman into a coma. Saber Race, where you try to outrun a Saber tooth cat to a tree while trying to get the other racer caught by the cat. Dino Vault, where you try to pole vault over some brontosaurus mixed with a T-Rex. Mate-Toss, which might be the most hilarious event, where you throw your female companion by the hair and see who can throw her the farthest. Dino race, where you race on a raptor of sorts and see who can get to the finish line first. And the worst of them all´┐ŻFire Making where you have to see who can start a fire first.

If these games sound fun to you then the names are misleading, believe me. Controls are just awful, the sound is recycled and just annoying (half of the sounds in the game sound like Don Flamenco telling you to "come on") and the graphics make you want to cry.

I would go on but I just can't think up words to describe how bad this game is. So here are some comparison videos of Crash N The Boyz: Street Challenge versus Caveman Games:


Caveman Games
*note*: Watch it from 1:05 seconds, its more "enjoyable" from there.

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