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About 4 months ago, and maybe a month into having lived in my new house, I was trying my best to think of something really awesome to put in my unfinished basement. There was already a reserved room for the home theater but that wasn't really a big deal to me. Everybody and his grandma has a home theater system and out of the two of them one usually has a really kick ass home theater.

Then Rock Band came out. Being the huge fan of Harmonix and the complete addict I am I was watching the game VERY closely since the original announcement and when it released my head was in it 24/7. It's amazing because still to this day the game feels very fresh mainly thanks to the consistent DLC.

Anywho I decided a little while after to build a stage in the basement complete with lights, fog, the works. Originally I was going to base the design off of the Rat Cellar Pub from Guitar Hero II but I've been pondering some more original ideas.

All I have so far is the stage, surround sound, and projection. The stage I began work on Friday and finished yesterday. Collectively it took about 6-8 hours including many trips to and from the hardware store. By the fall (due mainly to fiscal constraints not time) it should be fully decked out. I had my birthday party last night and the stage proved to be a real hit.
So this is the basic rundown of it. It has a U-shape to it minus the curves. A runway for the guitarist and bassist which serves as a showboat area for solos or a warzone for duels. And there's a mic stand but of course the mic can just be detached and carried around wherever.

Obviously nothing special has been done yet. I can't remember dimensions right now but here's a barebones view of the setup.

The "screen" is just a white sheet with a dark purple sheet behind it to filter any light from behind the screen.

The reason for all this. Hooray! Playing other games on this setup is sweet too but come on. It's Rock Band!

Some gameplay shots.


The stage is a complete blast and I can't wait to decorate it, add the lighting, maybe a fog machine, I mean really anything goes.

So there you go. This weeks blog.

Oh and I need to come up with a project name for this but can't think of one so any suggestion would be sweet.

-Xzyliac: Currently listening to Peace Sells by Megadeth and Someone to Drive You Home by The Long Blondes...polar opposites much?
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