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A note on improper handling of the female gender in the gaming world

The idea of backward-compatibility with video games is fantastic--in theory. When in reality you pick up a game you remember loving absolutely to death, and go "wow, that was really blah." Then on the other hand, you get a feeling of nostalgia and remember the good old days--it's a double edged sword.

Somewhat recently, I picked up Off World Interceptor Extreme (from back when adding "extreme" to the end of a game title actually made it seem better) which I had played when I was about 9-10 years old at the neighbors house on the old brick Playstation. Now, after looking for this game for ages, I played it, and it got that blah feeling along with the fantastic feeling of accomplishment.

Now to the point. Game force went mostly out of business about 5-10 years ago, leaving only a few locations left in major cities. Game Force was always notorious for having very obscure things, for instance, I saw a Super Nintendo controller still in the box, so to nostalgic gamers this place has become a hard to find friend.

However, to female gamers, not so much.

My story begins with the guy behind the counter, who was under the impression that because I was a girl, I didn't know what I was doing. First I wandered around the store, looking at game cube, xbox, play station 1, and dream cast stuff--and he stops me and says "You do know these are all different systems, right?"

I just stared at him.

Then I found my game, Off World—and as I'm getting ready to pay he goes "You know this isn't Odd World right, no cute little green guys?" at which point my head goes through a million nasty, rude comebacks, but my mouth just says "excuse me?" in a really frustrated voice. Of course, after a few minutes I can't resist, and I proceed to explain to him exactly how rude it is to assume I have no idea what I'm doing simply because I'm in a skirt. (Also, the manager I complained to looked like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.)

I got the game half-price.

Anyone can complain about gamestop, or any other game store for that matter – but it really comes down to the employees, and what level of ignorance the company is prepared to tolerate.

Gamestop has a wonderful feedback system on their receipts – so have a voice, complain about bad service, and there is usually actually something done about it. Sexual harassment is definitely up there on the “will crack skulls” list, but there are any other number of reasons a store can be audited by the district manager (you just have to phrase things well.) I've seen it happen.

Also, I'm still O.K. with Cocks. Seriously.
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