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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (PC): Review

Being a long time fan of the Command & Conquer franchise, I decided to try out the latest entry in the series with my new laptop. Even with a slick presentation, HD cut-scenes, and neat multiplayer options, the game doesn't feel radically different from the original games in the series. I really enjoy it, but am still hoping they make a Red Alert 3.

One of my favorite things about the single player campaign is how the game switched back to the Full-Motion Video cutscenes that C&C: Generals lacked. While the high camp of Red Alert 2 isn't on display, it's nice to have quick, crisp cut-scenes to reward the player after a mission. The single player campaign isn't too hard so far on Normal and the plot appears promising. The number of objectives and bonus objectives in a mission is sometimes silly, but helps mix things up a little bit.

On the multiplayer end of things, C&C 3 is really hard. In Warcraft 3, you can typically work your way up to some level of competence after time, but C&C 3 is brutal. I've played a dozen or so matches online in Random Matches and have lost them all by a wide, wide margin, yet it somehow manages to be fun.

I wish this game would have taken more chances with making gameplay a bit different like Warcraft 3 did with its hero units, but it's still a blast for long time fans of the series.

I give Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars a B.
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