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Free Thursdays?

Just trying to gauge interest here, so bullet points:

The Premise:
- Thursday Nights (or some other night without other dtoid events)
- Online gaming with dtoiders
- Free, fun games, without big ass system requirements, so everyone can get in on it
- I'll set up a teamspeak/vent/xfire/whatever server for the ridiculous chat that makes dtoid game nights so fun

Potential games:
- Warsow?
- Trackmania Nations?
- Original Savage?
- America's Army 2.6?
- F.E.A.R. Combat?
- Ad supported far cry?
- Gunz Online?
- Whatever you want?

So just trying to gauge interest, would this be something I should bother starting up?
Would you play?
Any ideas?
Leave me some feedbacks in the comments!
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