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Alanar's January '08 Recap - I choose you, Edgeworth!


For me, this was a very expensive January. Many games found their way to my shelves, some games I just borrowed from friend. These are the games that I experienced this month.

Games I bought this month

-DS games-

Pokémon Diamond: So they finally won… No matter how much I struggled, these little pocket monsters were much stronger than I thought. But I don’t regret buying this game. It is fun, even though the new Pokémon look kinda weird. Flying honeycombs? Coins? And the new names are awful. So awful that I change them as soon as I capture them. For example, I call the leaf starting Pokémon (forgot its name) Bulbaclone since this Pokémon reminds me of Bulbasaur from the very first games. And now excuse me, I have to get to the third gym…

SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS: I didn’t know that this game exist until I found it coincidentally at a local shop. Instead of looking for some reviews on the internet first, I just bought it. It sounded interesting, I like the cover artwork and it could be fun. Luckily (since I paid 40 Euros for this game), I like this game. It is a bit on the easy side and sometimes the CPU literally tries to lose but the game is fast paced enough to make up for it. Graphics could be better, yes (why don’t they use fighting-game-like combat scenes?) but I still enjoy this game. And it has Miles Edgeworth as a fighter in it. AWESOME!

Elite Beat Agents: Borrowed this game several times and now I finally bought it. It rocks. Enough said.

Diddy Kong Racing DS: Why, Rare? The original Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 was, in my opinion, the best racing game on the console. It was fast, it was difficult and it was awesome. Yeah, some of the boss races (against the octopus for example) were just unfair. But I like it. The DS version however… It’s not that great. The game is not as difficult as the original game (which I appreciate), the hovercraft controls are broken and the whole “use DS features for a boost at the beginning of a race” is just awful. And I hardly found anyone to play this game online. Oh well, there’s still hope for a Virtual Console version.

Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle: Now we’re talking! Though it had some difficult and completely illogical parts, Runaway: A road adventure is one of my favourite adventure games. I waited so long for the sequel, only to not buy the PC version afterall. And why that? Because I hate cliffhanger endings. Okay, I still hate them but when I saw the DS version of the game, I somehow couldn’t resist. And as far as I can tell, this is a very nice port of the PC version. The graphics are beautiful, the point and click mechanic works fine and even the cutscenes found their way to the DS card. The only downer is the missing voice acting and the sometimes incredibly high text speed. Still a good game.

-Wii games-

Link’s Crossbow Training: Since I want to buy Ghost Squad, why don’t practise with the Zapper? Okay, Sega’s shooter is a bit expensive here (45 Euros for three levels?) but Nintendo’s Zelda shooter is still interesting. Short? Yes. Fun? Hell, yeah! But I remember Twilight Princess being a bit prettier that this game…

Endless Ocean Oh… My… GOD! WATER!!! HYDROPHOBIA!!! Actually I bought this game as kind of a therapy for my fear of 3D video game water. You can’t die in this game which is perfect. But I haven’t played it much yet. Curse you, Sonic 2!

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure: An adventure game on the Wii? Count me in! This game finally made its way to Europe. Haven’t made it that far yet (only seven or eight parts of Barbaros) but I like it. The puzzles are nice and the humor is great. I hope that more people will buy this game…

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams: I don’t know the first game on the Saturn but I do know that I wanted Journey of Dreams as soon as Sega announced it. Now I got it and I’m kind of disappointed. The game itself is great, yeah, but it’s a bit too short and the story is not that good. Also, the graphics in the cutscenes remind me of Shadow The Hedgehog. It just looks awful (though in my opinion, Shadow he Hedgehog was still a good game). Fortunately, the graphics in the main game are much better. I don’t know if I would recommend it to anybody but you should at least try the new NiGHTS.

-Xbox 360 game(s)-

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga: Though I don’t like the Star Wars movies that much (as well as most of the countless games based on this license), I enjoyed playing the first LEGO Star Wars with a friend of mine. Now I got this game and the second one on one single disc for just 35 Euros. Great deal if you ask me. Actually I wanted the Wii version but this one was already sold out. Doesn’t matter, the game is great nevertheless.

These are the games I bought, but there is another game that I played at a Friend’s house. And that is…

No More Heroes: Thanks, Grasshopper Manufacture! Played the Japanese Version for two hours and can’t wait for the European release. For those who want to watch my poor skills, I made a video. 13 parts, about two hours and two German guys (my buddy and me) talking crazy stuff. You can find the videos at YouTube.

That’s my January. The next month is (hopefully) not that expensive but at least No More Heroes will join my collection.
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