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Monster Lab: Mad Scientist fun for the whole family?

Reading over the interview on IGN with the one of the producers of Monster Lab, I couldn't help but think this may be the game that Wii needs to help solidify its dominance a bit more.

If you haven't read up on it before, I'll give a quick synopsis. You are a mad scientist apprentice who goes around the countryside to find ingredients to make a monster. Based on what ingredients you pick will determine what kind of monster you make and what type it is, etc. After you are done creating said monster, you go out into the world and battle other monsters and do quests and so forth. And according to said producer, there are over a million diffferent combinations you can go through when you make a monster.

If this game works out to how I imagine it (pokemon with mad scientists), I can see this game bringing me back to my Wii consistently instead of playing it once every so often. Being a sucker for customization, I can only imagine going through everything trying to make my perfect monster and then battling my friends trying to prove that my creation is immaculate compared to theirs.

Don't get me wrong, I don't regret buying my Wii and maybe once I get No More Heroes things will change and I enjoyed Mario Galaxy but for some reason I am bored of platformers (even one as nice as SMG). But from the sound of it this could attract the creation junkie in me to make me sit and try to perfect my mad creations.

So anyone else feel the same way or am I alone on this one?
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