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Neo Geo Stick 2 Coming to Wii

Via NintendoWiiFanboy

Both Amazon.jp and Japanese retailer Rakuten have posted product pages for a Wii version of the Neo Geo Stick 2, an arcade-style, ball-top controller previously put together by SNK-Playmore and Sega Logistics for the PS2.

If it's anything like the PS2 remake of the original Neo Geo Stick (see bottom image), this new edition will also have non-analog L and R buttons hugging its four primary convex buttons like a set of parentheses. Hopefully, the Wii version will keep that classy black color; it would be a travesty if it didn't!

The Neo Geo Stick 2 is scheduled to arrive in Japan this April 10th, selling for 5,040 (approximately $47). According to Rakuten, the controller will support both Wii games and Virtual Console titles.

Fuck Yes. Maybe they will give us SNK Arcade games on VC.

That would be sweet
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