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Condemned 2 Official Site Goes Live


The official Condemned 2: Bloodshot website is now live. Check it out here.

If this game is anywhere near as good a the first Condemned, I will go ahead and forgive Sega for all of the Sonic dribble over the last ten years. Exploding babies and environmental kills = happy Fuzzy.

The site has your standard sections; Game Info, Media, Characters, Attacks, Downloads, and the always important Pre-Order Option. Characters, Attacks, and Downloads are "coming soon". Why would you make an official site live without having the content set? Maybe this is just one of those "delayed rollout to increase anticipation" scenarios.

Appealing to all of your cheaper natures, the lowest price that I have found for this game is at Family Video for $57.68. Has anyone found a lower price anywhere else?
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