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God Dammit, Deadline Games!

There are few things more frustrating than coming up with a really cool idea, waiting for the right time to execute it, and then finding out that someone else has a 6-month head start.

CURSE YOU, DEADLINE GAMES! (and thanks to JDUB X for the 1UP link)

I got a little nervous when Faith & a .45 was announced last week, but I figured it would be a while before any details got out. 1UP describes the game as Ico meets Gears of War, which sucks, because I'm 40 pages into a design doc for something pretty damn close. Well, mine's more like Ico meets Mark of Kri, but I had always hoped to be the first to try integrating Ico's dual-protagonist structure with a more action-oriented game.

On the up side, I can keep an eye on Faith & a .45 to learn from any mistakes it makes, but I'll have to time it right so I can get some publicity before every producer and his grandmother's cat decides that dual protagonists are the new Quick Time Button-Masher Event and suddenly craploads of these games show up.

At least they're going for co-op, rather than my super top-secret ultimate awesome sauce control layout (currently testing in 2D with Multimedia Fusion)...

Grrr... oh well.
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