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It has finally happened -- I am burned out by all of this Super Smash Bros. Brawl stuff. The daily updates didn't turn me off as much as they did for some people, but this recent influx of leaked info has just completely shut down my interest in the game's contents. Last night when it was first starting to show up on the net, it was fun and often hilarious to see all of these leaked pictures and the people mocking those who were so hot and bothered by them. But when people woke up in the morning, it got to be a bit too much.

I now have people instant messaging me "new" "leaked" pictures at least 2-3 times a hour and almost every link I click has unmarked spoilers for the game's newest features. There's only so many times a usually excited gamer can hear -- "I told you Ness would be in the game!" and "Look! I found this pic! (link to badly photoshopped picture supposedly confirming their favorite piece of speculation)" before the gamer's brain just completely shuts out anything having to do with it.

I will say this, though: I am still quite interested in playing it online. But this isn't so much me wanting to play Brawl online as it is me wanting to play online period, as I do not own a XBox or PS3 and my current router is not compatible with the DS (more like "BS," right?)

I'd really like to share in the excitement with you, I really would. But I can't anymore. And while I'm sure I'll get excited about the game a week or so before it comes out in America, right now, I just feel like avoiding any blog containing the letters "S" and "B" for the time being. Also, the word "confirmed" has been added to my firefox word-filter plugin that changes the word to "God told me to write a blog so I did lol." So watch out.

No More Heroes is a great game. But it's one of those games I don't feel comfortable recommending to people because it's just so basic, random and absurd.

The combat is simple: press "A" a lot and then waggle to kill. And while there is an arrow given for a specific direction in which to move the WiiMote, gamers with figure out that moving the WiiMote randomly will suffice, as there is no punishment for swinging it in the wrong direction.

The sandbox over-world feels like an afterthought. It's bland, glitchy and populated by NPCs that make GTA NPCs look like they have character. I often find myself trying to get unstuck from corners and roaming cars. Flying off of my bike is a common occurrence, too. And not because I'm bad at driving, but because almost everything is firmly secured to the ground. Never mind that I can knock 15ft trees and 20ft power-line poles down. I suppose the trees don't have roots and the fences/2ft posts are planted 20ft below ground.

But after all of those nitpicks, I still really enjoy it. I absolutely love the retro look that surrounds the game as it adds that extra bit of style that keeps me interested in it not as a game, but as a piece of art. And that's when I realized I wasn't playing the game to advance or earn money or even unlock stuff, I was playing it just to look at it. Sure, the sandbox game is bland and the combat is often a bit "buttonmashy," but I guess I just don't care. I adore the look, the characters and how it is not trying to be something it's not. It knows it's a game and loves it.

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