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Howard Stringer Must Be High


There is something very very wrong with Sony. For a company that was genius enough to release the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2 to much fanfare, this current gaming generation (PlayStation 3) has made every single Sony executive retarded.

According to Sony Chief Executive Howard Stringer:

"PS3 has now gone past Xbox on the Christmas market. It�s moving into its own as it gets into higher bandwidth � PS3 is out of the woods and beginning to hold its own.�

Now that sounds like Jacko crazy talk to me. Who in their right mind would leave their PS3 out in the woods? I know you�re supposed to give it proper ventilation but that�s taking it a bit too far! Ok, I know, I�m sorry for the bad joke up there.

I honestly think that the PS3 is starting to gain a ground in the market but is a long ways off from being �out of the woods.� This year looks to be the year that PlayStation 3 breaks out of its funk and starts to gain some notoriety.

There seem to be plenty more must-have exclusives for the PS3 looming on the horizon than there are for the 360. Games such as LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, Metal Gear Solid IV, and Killzone 2 are set to drive up sales of the console.

I�ll be the first to admit, I really like my PS3. I mean �like-like� it. But for a major executive to shoot off at the mouth with trash-talking of this caliber is appalling. You�ll never see Bill Gates doing hand motions and telling the competition to �suck it!� will you?!?

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