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My 90s Gaming Blunders

They happen. Even when you don't see them coming or can't see how something you think will be great your expectations are crushed. I have had this happen to me many a times growing up when I was ignorant to the crap that gets made in the gaming industry. Such blunders included:

2. The Game.Com: I am almost more embarrassed about this piece of shit hand held more than the Virtual Boy. At the time my small, Tragic Hero brain just heard the words "online" and "touch screen" and though that this would be the future gameboy. What I got instead was an inaccurate touch screen interface and an internet that you had to plug a phone jack into and use Tigers expensive online service.

Add in the fact that the games had a ugly monochromic look with ghosting included and audio that sounded like it was filtered through a Kazoo and that was the Game.com.

I can't really blame myself for either of these though. Correction, I don't want to blame myself entirely for these blunders. There was lack of internet in the 90s and most review magazines like Gamepro and Nintendo Power were either biased or simply had no clue what quality was. So like most people of my generation you pretty much had to ponder if it was worth the risk. And me, being in my early teens, was na�ve enough to convince myself that both these purchases were well worth it. Shame on me�.

Anyone else have some similar experience with purchasing blunders?
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