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PC woes: PC software Sales make up 9% of total Sales in 2007

So I was perusing the interweb this morning and I came across this article on IGN:

Full article here

Now I knew that PC gaming was the least popular platform in gaming but not even a billion in sales? That is a tad bit crazy there. But looking at this list again you have to take some things into consideration:

1. Console sales get added up total while PC sales is one platform. So hypothetically it doesn't matter if PC made more profits than Wii the fact is that consoles simply made more money total. Granted that even if you divide consoles by 3 each console would probably be beating the PC but it would be a lot closer than 6 billion to .9 billion.

2. Piracy. I can't imagine how badly this hurts the PC market. And I don't want to play the guilt trip game but a lot of the people out there who say PC is superior are the ones who aren't supporting it by pirating games. It is hard not to I know but the PC market needs all the money it can get.

3. Consolification hurts the PC market pretty badly as well. PC is losing most of its exclusives. Elder Scrolls went from being released first for PC to release at the same time sort of deals and upcoming great games like "Left 4 Dead" and "Fallout 3" are going to be on console as well. Spore, Demi God and Dragon Age are the only 2008 PC releases off the top of my head that are remotely exclusive to the PC and if the rumors are true then Spore is coming for the Wii as well.

Regardless of how you spin it, this does not look well for the PC. If developers pay attention to this (and they do) most of them are going to be afraid of putting a lot of money towards a PC game when instead they could make same game for Console and know it will sell well. PC gamers like me need to cling together and pray that Spore and other PC exclusives will revive the PC platform.
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