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Huxley: Can and will it work?


In this months issue of GFW, they had a rather lengthy article on "Huxley", the upcoming MMOFPS. Yes you read right, a Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. And although Planetside gets credit for doing this first, it seems that Huxley is going to stick to the genre a bit better than Planetside did.

Even after reading the article, the mechanics seemed a bit vague. From what it seems you seem to set up you r battles beforehand and battle that way. For example, I suppose if you just wanted to 1 vs 1 you could set it up with someone or go for as large as 16 vs 16.( maybe larger, its not determined yet). And along the way you earn experience and battle points which give the player more slots for upgrades and such later on. What kind of upgrades and skills I am not sure on that either.

But to the point I wanted to make, does this sound like a good idea? Mixing two types of games where people with a whole lot of freetime end up owning because they play the most and putting them into one game? I know CS always pissed me off because no matter how long I played it (with the time allotted) I couldn't compete with the super CS veterans who were the master of aim and twitch. And I know how it can be in certain MMORPGs when you play with someone and eventually they just skyrocket in skill and level because other person can't play as much (I did that to a friend in City of Heroes, resulting in him quitting).

So this game seems to instill some doubt in to me. I can just imagine joining a game and getting owned by lower level players who are great at FPS and then losing to the MMO type players who just play and grind non stop. Plus I haven't heard much about any "solo" type content like quests and what not but I guess FPS are not really about that.

Plus look how well planetside did the MMOFPS. I heard it was a decent play but you don't hear about a whole lot of people playing it these days. So how will Huxley survive and does it have the right stuff to attract people away from TF2, COD4, WoW, and Halo 3?
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