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Games that Deserve Sequels: Part 6

Good morning Dtoiders! Today should be fun. I stayed up late despite having work in the morning to watch Smokin' Aces and I came to the conclusion that the movie belonged in my top 5 worst movies of all time list. But I digress�shall we stay on topic?

Edit: I just noticed that 2 of these are games that already have a single sequel but sometimes one sequel isn't enough.

Rival School Series

I thought I should do a MMO for once. And what better way than to start with the "Father" of all MMORPGS Ultima Online.

Ultima Onlines start was a glorious one. I can remember when I started playing the excitement of getting a horse, crafting a chair, and then going out and slaying some gargoyles and lizard men. Nor can I forget the terror and nervousness that enveloped me when I had to run from Trinsic to Britannia on foot because of PKers.

Oddly enough, that was the best thing about the game. It seemed a bit real. There was no dueling system, no PVP zones, just "Hey you look weak, im going to kill you and rob you" game play. It went both ways too. If someone killed you a bounty could be put on said villain and anyone who kills him can return the head for the reward that you posted. Also, nothing was better than having a group of guildies go out and search for this lone villain and just slaughter him, loot his corpse and then find him again to just harass him.

But then so called morality got involved. It is not fair and moral to be able to just kill someone on a whim the weaker people would cry. It is not fair that I can't defend myself they would continue. So EA made two separate "realms" where the old rules existed and a safe zone where PVP wasn't allowed. And then the game died.

EA felt it had to compete with Everquest who would take the throne as MMORPG juggernaut so things like Ninja and necromancer classes were created (In a game that had no classes), new improved graphics that went from making the game look like Ultima to a half ass 3d engine that made the game look like puke, and the addition of armor having certain resistances and weaknesses.

Not only did these things attract new players but it scared off old players like my brother and his friends who played the game like crazy back in the 90s.

The reason why I want a sequel to this MMORPG is because we could use a new one that is like the old Ultima online. Something that gives the players a bit more freedom of choice and consequences rather than the pick a class, stick to the cookie cutter build, and raid the hell out of things. Even though the black hand of death that is EA has control of Ultima Online, I think they could do a lot with the game if they tried hard enough and stuck to what made it best.
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