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No No More Heroes OR Patapon Demo For Me.

Well I am royally pissed off!

I went down town today to pick up No More Heroes and pre-order Patapon hoping I would score that demo. I started off at EB. The guy their told me that they haven't received their shipments of games yet as they are a week late, so he wasn't sure if and when they were getting No More Heroes in.

So No, No More Heroes for me.

As for the Patapon game ($24.99, put $5 down) he had no idea on a pre-order deal and was pretty sure it was for the US only, LAME CACKS! I guess I will have to steal a game save off the net then as why should we Canadians not get a special weapon?

So back to No More Heroes, I figured that I'll just go to Futureshop.......

Asked the employee there if they had any copies of No More Heroes in and he searched the computer, "were all out" he says and another employee pipes up and says it's not out till February 7th! He showed me the paper work and I just about died as they don't hit the shelves until February 7th!

If this was Halo 3 every damn store in town would have it but since the game isn't going to sell like a $5 hand job I guess they don't really care.

Lame day was lame.
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