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Retro VGM + Podcast = Suck?!

Back when I was in college, I did a videogame music podcast called Do the Mario. I had so much fun doing it that shortly thereafter I did a VGM podcast entitled The Super Koopa Troopa Show and briefly did a videogame preview podcast for played.to.death.

After a short-lived attempt to do The Worst Movie Podcast, I have been in a bit of a drought, but have been wanting to do a podcast again.

Out of these podcasts ideas, which is more interesting?

1) Sequel Cinema: A critical review podcast covering a movie series in chronological order-- franchises covered could range from Star Trek to Death Wish, with 2 movies covered an episode (or 3 if it's just a trilogy).

2) Goomba Tunes: Another stab at a VGM podcast, focusing on retro titles (it's a terrible title, LOL).

3) Games of My Life: A podcast with me talking about what games I am currently playing through, also featuring in-depth analysis of such titles.

These ideas any good or anyone have better ones? Thanks!
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