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Xbox Lives Pwnds PSN (Unsolved Mysteries)

I've never seen anyone answer this but maybe one of you can without saying something unrelated to the topic at hand. How is the Xbox Live worth $6/$7 a month while the PSN is cheaper? I don't hate Xbox Live at all. Well, aside from the price, but it's stupid that whenever you ask a simple question like "How is Live actually better?" you get the same sort of answers.

"Xbox Live has more games."
"Xbox Live Marketplace, duh!" (Which doesn't make sense because that's like spending $6 a month to go to Best Buy and buy a game)

Honestly, it would seem that people that work hard (or hardly work) for their money would want to keep it. I've never really seen a benefit in Xbox Live's features that's worthy of $6/$7 a month. I'd rather the PSN kick its butt and MS finally have to make the service free. Not that that's going to happen, but it would be nice. I didn't care as much until MS started their whole "Games for Windows Live" crap, where you have to use their matchmaking service for PC games. Not completely there yet, but sooner or later, I'm sure. I could use that money for other things much more worthy than putting more money into Gate's pocket. As back to the question though, I don't see the benefit. Both have friends list, both play games (only the PSN is wireless without a $100 adapter and it supports 32 players in games), and both are pretty fast and have some sort of matchmaking system. Am I missing something about Xbox Live that deems worthy of the money?

-dryvby (Come back later tonight for replies for I'm getting my 8800 video card today and I might be playing Crysis for a while).
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