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Pre-Order Dungeons & Desktops Today!

via Armchair Arcade:

Matt Barton has a new book on the history of Computer Role Playing Games (CRPG) called Dungeons & Desktops, and it's now available for pre-order at Amazon.com.

The book talks about a lot of games, has interviews with various artists and game developers of the day, and even goes into emulation and running these classic games on current hardware.

Haven't read it yet, but I imagine it'll be a nice history lesson for anyone interested, and some of the games, even today, have truly stood the test of time as classic games.

Can't think of anything else to say. Being of the older generation, I remember playing a lot of these games for the first time so I know I'll love this book, but would be interested in hearing from anyone who's never played, The Bard's Tale, Pools of Radiance, or Eye of the Beholder, or whatever. Does something like this pique your interest?

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