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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (PC): Review

While my gaming has slowed down lately, the latest game I've been into is something a little retro- Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun for the PC. It's the second game in the Command and Conquer trilogy which makes up the core GDI VS NOD storyline of the Real-Time Strategy series

This game messed up several things the original got right. Instead of having a single-player campaign where FMV mission briefings introduce new units in a way that revolves around the story, most mission briefings are done via text during the game. There are still FMV sequences featuring such actors as James Earl Jones and Michael Biehn, but they are more related to a storyline having very little to do with the actual missions- the first half of the GDI Campaign focuses around attempts to assassinate Vega, a NOD Drug Lord, but you aren't given a compelling reason to understand why he's such a threat that an entire army would be set after him! Vega doesn't taunt you every step of the way like Kane, who makes a cursory appearance.

Another weakness of the game is the music, which switches from the original funky voice-sample filled techno to a dark, moody sci-fi score which lacks a lot of charm. Frank Klepacki's score gives a somber mood to the game, which seems against the grain of the fast paced nature of the RTS genre.

C&C:TS does have some nifty units, including some mechs for the GDI side. Getting to pick optional side missions to make the main campaign missions easier is a nice touch, but this game overall lacks the camp and sense of urgency of the original.

I give Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun a C.
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