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Games that Deserved a Sequel: Part 5

Well just when I thought the weather would let up here we are again, -25 degrees counting the wind chill in good old Chicago. I swear at 8am this morning if you wanted to you could probably walk 50 yards out on Lake Michigan before the ice got unstable. Anyways, lets get this rolling:

Galactic Civilizations

Forget expansions, I want an actual sequel to this sleeper of a Strategy game. For any of you who like Turn Based Strategy games set in space, stop reading this and go get this game off steam or run to your local game store. For the rest of you still here, Galactic Civilizations and Galactic Civilizations II is a game about galactic conquest. You pick a race or create your own race and pick your starting tech skills and try to take over the galaxy.

How do you want to conquer the galaxy? Well that�s up to you. You could invest all your research into warfare tech and just bully the other races into submission, research cultural techs and get all the races to assimilate into your culture by doing so, or discover the secret to immortality by going for the tech research victory, or get a diplomatic victory by getting everyone to ally with you. With 4 distinct ways to win and many paths to get to those victories, Galactic Civilizations II was the sleeper strategy game of 2006 for me.

I guess I don't have any recommendations on how to improve on this to make the sequel better but rather for stardock to just make a sequel already. Hell the graphics don't even need to be tweaked, just provide the same great gameplay and maybe throw in more techs and races and weapons for ships and I would be satisfied.
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